20 handmade Ottawa baby items and gifts ideas to shop local!

Looking for a baby item crafted locally? An interesting idea for a baby shower? Look no further than our 20 baby items handmade in Ottawa! Click on the vendor's name to purchase the products.


 1. Cozy and Cuddly Baby Blankets

On the left, a classic crocheted baby blanket from Carter's Crochet (starting at 30$) and on the right, a soft, Minky blanket from Sew Darn cute (55$ each). Check out their stores for more patterns and colors!

2. Funky, Unique Nursery Decor

On the left, a Mooncatcher Macrame wall art (40$) by G3 Knotty Macrame. On the top right a funky baby Yoda painting (47$) by Four Corner Art - check out their store for many other fun character paintings. Bottom right, a custom 2-dimensional wall art (starting at 45$) by Brigitte Murphy Creations. Contact her so she can customize your design!

3. Colorful Bandana Bibs 

Visit Sew Darn Cute's shop for a variety of Bandana Bibs (9$ each) in different colors, sizes and patterns! 

4. Birthday Charts

Are you looking for a unique way to commemorate your baby's birthday? Pretty 'n Paper has you covered with birthday charts (25$) which will help you remember all the best moments of your little one's year!

5. Birth Stats Stuffy

To remember how little your baby was the day they were born, a great gift is a birth stats stuffy! Check out Vinylcraft Creations (50$ each) and Sew Crazy Ottawa (40$ each) for a choice of different animals to customize.

6. Unique Funny Onesies

Are you looking for a fun and unique onesie for a baby shower gift? Visit Pretty 'n Paper and Vinylcraft Creations for some funny onesies that will leave everyone laughing and your baby looking awesome!

Pretty 'n Paper: 20$ each

Vinylcraft Creations: 20$ each.

7. Cozy and Warm Car Seat Poncho

Here's a way to keep your little one warm in their car seat without having to deal with a bulky winter jacket. Check out Neeces Pieces' shop for a variety of colors and sizes (starting at 55$)!

8. Warm Cover for Baby Wearing

Ottawa winters can be tough for babywearing as you don't want to leave your baby exposed to the elements. Sew Darn Cute offers babywearing cozy covers (55$ each) in different patterns and colors!

9. Chewlery For Mommy and Baby

It has arrived... that moment where your baby is cutting its first teeth! Equip yourself with some beautiful chewlery from Everlee Chew that will leave you teeth mark free! (Mommy bangle: 14$ - Custom teether - starting at 18$)

10. Straight or Curved Suck Pads

Sew Darn Cute straight or curved suck pads offer protection for your baby carrier and allow your baby to drool, suck and munch on the straps to their heart's desire! (Starting at 22$)

 11. Fabric Hair Bows

Finn and the Twins Handmade has a variety of colorful fabric bows and hair accessories for your babies. (starting at 5.25$)

12. First Birthday Outfit

Looking to celebrate their first milestone birthday with a special outfit? Neeces Pieces, Pretty 'n Paper and Vinylcraft Creations all offer cute outfits that will make your birthday boy or girl stand-out on their special day!

Neeces Pieces: starting at 50$ per set.

Pretty 'n Paper: 20$ for the onesie.

Vinylcraft Creations: 15$ each.

13. First Birthday Banner

Check out Pretty 'n Paper for some beautiful first birthday banners. (15$ each)

14. Go Everywhere Pouch for Babywearing

One of the main issues of babywearing is the lack of pockets or storage. Sew Darn Cute has come up with a cool solution that fits right on your baby carrier. (50$)

15. Grow-With-Me Neckwarmer

Sew Darn Cute's collection of grow-with-me neckwarmers will add a stylish touch to your little one's outdoor outfit... while also keeping them warm! (15$ each)

16. Hair Knot Bow

Visit Vinylcraft Creations to buy this beautiful bow (6$)!

17. Macrame Soother Clip

Are you searching for a durable, colorful and unique soother clip? Visit FCQ Macrame to pick-up a pacifier clip (8.75$ each) that you won't find anywhere else!

18. Stay-On Booties

Keep your baby's feet warm in the winter can be a real struggle. Neeces Pieces (34.50$ each) and Sew Darn Cute  (starting at 28$) both offer beautifully crafted, trendy stay-on booties in a selection of patterns and fabrics.

19. Stay-On Slippers

Are you looking for a slip-on first baby shoe? Sew Darn Cute has a collection of stay-on slippers (starting at 18$) that will protect your baby's feet while allowing them the flexibility to roam around!

20. Hand-painted Sugar Cookies

We've kept the most delicious option for last! Visit Sugar Creations' page to order a dozen (or more!) hand-painted sugar cookies and delicious cakes for a birthday or any milestone celebration your baby will have! (starting at 30$ for a dozen)