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Back to School...maybe?

August 15, 2020

Back to School...maybe?

Normally around this time of year, we would be hearing cute jingles about how it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ with pouting summer loving children surrounded by joyfully bouncing parents. But like every other part of our lives, 2020 has cast a shadow over this time normally filled with small traditions, anticipation and preparing your child for their best learning experience.

This time however parents have been asked to make an incredibly difficult decision about their child’s future and health. Stay home? Send them back? The debate goes around and around until everyone is dizzy.

The only right answer is the one that makes sense for your family.

No matter what you choose, Ottawa Artisans has your back to school shopping ‘in the bag’. Check out these creative handmade items from local vendors! Custom labels, tshirts, personalized pencil cases, backpack tags and so much more!

Each picture is also a link to the item. Just click your way to making your back to school shopping easy and done. Lets get started!

JayrexCohas Custom Name Tags Custom Labels and Personalized Mask Necklaces to keep those masks close during recess and lunch times!



Shirley Bee Designs offers fully customizable Back to School T-shirts and reusable drinking pouches!


NitNat’s Beads and Stamping  

Fully Customizable Backpack tags - pick a theme and provide the info to have a one of kind tag for school, keys, purses and luggage!


Jan's Custom Crystal Designs

Lots of fun charms attached to zipper pulls, key chains and bookmarks with charms and Swarovski crystals.


Cozy Pocket Designs sews up crayon and marker rollups (great for school, home or travel!) craft totes and children's face masks. Home schooling? Check out the play mats for the younger ones!


Vinylcraft Creations helps keep your kids stuff out of the lost and found box with personalized pencil cases! 


Threads for Heads Scrub Hatswraps it all up for us with this great back to school bundle that includes a Go Everywhere Mini Pouch and two child size masks that all matchy matchy! A caribiner clip keeps it securely on to a backpack so (maybe? hopefully?) it won't get lost!

Threads for Heads Scrub Hats Back to School Bundle