22 Eco-friendly Products Handmade in Ottawa!

March 02, 2020

22 Eco-friendly Products Handmade in Ottawa!

This month, we are all about eco-friendly products at Ottawa Artisans. Whether they are zero-waste, green, made from recycled materials or all-natural our vendors have an amazing selection of products to respond to all your eco-friendly needs!

1. Essential Oil Diffusers

AHat4You Essential Oil Diffuser

Keep your house and car smelling fresh with these 8$ diffusers from Ahat4you.

2. Reusable produce bags

AHat4You Reusable Produce BagsOrbliss Reusable Produce Bags

Are you tired of the flimsy plastic produce bags? Pick up those reusable bags in different sizes from AHat4You (10$) and Orbliss (7$+).

3. Bacon sponge / Unpaper towel

This super-absorbent unpaper towel will replace your disposable ones to clean-up all your kitchen messes. Orbliss (7.62$)

4. Reusable panty liner

It's time to make the switch to a reusable panty liner! Check out Beans and Barley Craft Creations' unique collection (10$).

5. Bee's wraps

Save your food from plastic AND spoilage by wrapping it up in some organic beeswax wraps. Orbliss (7.15$+)

6. Bulk food bags

Not quite ready to go to the grocery store with your empty mason jars? How about some bulk food bags from Orbliss? (7.15$+)

7. Reusable coffee sleeve/cup cozies

Pick up a cute embroidered coffee sleeve from Pillowhead Designs (13.50$) or a felted wool cup cozy from Starbright Curios (10$)

8. Cocobee shine

Westbeau Cottage offers an all-natural alternative to shines and polishes for your home. You can use this wax on furniture, leather, purses and other materials on which you normally use wax! (25$+)

9. Dryer balls

Ditch your dryer sheets and replace them with those stylish and super effective dryer balls! Ahat4you and Starbright Curios (20$)

10. Knit dishcloths

Pick up these unique knitted dishcloths from Madibrooke Boutique (10$). Ps. They are also a great housewarming gift!

11. Lavender Air Freshener

Keep your house/ car / gym bag smelling awesome with this lavender air freshener from Pillowhead Designs (4.95$)

12. Makeup Remover / Washcloths

You know you shouldn't go to bed with your makeup on… you know that but still… So 'adult' today and pick up those reusable washcloths from Orbliss to keep your face clean before bed! (9.56$) or those crochet facial scrubbies from AHat4you (8$).

13. Snack bags

While we call it a snack bag, you can use this reusable pouch for make-up, traveling, or any other times when you would use a good old Ziploc! Except this one is not ending up in a landfill after each use, you know? Orbliss (9.98$+)

14. Strawpouch

You know you don't want the disposable straw you just used to end up in that turtle's nose so grab a reusable straw and this pouch from Orbliss to take it on the go! (10.75$)

15. Reusable water bottle

Are you drinking enough water? The answer is NO, you are never drinking enough water. So incentivize yourself with a cute bottle and a custom decal from One of a Kat (10$+)

16. Reusable coffee cup

If you have been listening to your financial adviser and ditching your daily Timmies’ order for homemade coffee, get yourself a nice container to take it all the way to work! One of a Kat (12$+), Pretty 'n Paper(30$)

17. Barley Neck bag

Has your body started hurting for no reason? Are you older than 30? Then you need this beautiful barley neck back from Beans and Barley Crafted Creations (16$+). Check out their shop for different colors and patterns!

18. Memorial lights

Commemorate someone special in your life with a unique handmade light created from repurposed jars and bottles. Firefly Beach Studio (60$+)

19. Natural soaps

Are you left feeling itchy and dry from commercial soaps? Give Aromariss' products a try! With all-natural soaps for only 7$, the special someone in your life that needs to hold your dry, cracked hands will thank you!

20. Upcycled clothes

Do you want to stand out this spring with a one of a kind jacket? Take a look at this upcycled jean jacket from Frances Taylor(95$)

21. Recycled materials stuffed toys

You are not one for taxidermy but you would like to have a ''twin'' of your favorite pet created? Contact Suzie Q Tee Design to get your hands on a handmade stuffie from recycled t-shirt material. She also does custom orders and replications! (Prices varies)

22. Recycled guitar strings earrings

Visit Do Re Mi Bracelets Etc to see their unique jewelry made from broken instrument strings. (Prices varies)