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Cranberry Lane Studio - Susan Reiter, Artist

Hand Painted Zebra Eye on this Shopping Bag. Paint used is Fabric Paint so can be Washed

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This Zebra Eye is Hand Painted on this Black Canvas Shopping Bag. Fabric Paint was used So it could be washed. 
This bag has a zipper at the top and a plastic inside, so spot cleaning is only recommended. If it requires ironing for whatever reason, please make sure that you put cardboard inside to make sure that the heat from the iron will not melt it together. (I know the hard way. Lol. )
Place a tea towel between the iron and the side being ironed. Place the iron on low. 
The dimensions are 171/2” wide x 131/2” high.

One side of the bag is black and The other side of the bag is a 9” stripe of white at the top with a red stripe of approximately 11/2” and the remainder with a black stripe of  4”. Perfect for shopping anywhere. 
A perfect gift for anyone who loves zebras or African animals. 
A one of a kind gift. 
Directions for cleaning are attached. 
There is a black leather type material tassel attached for effect. 
Bag is perfect for mailing. 



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