Tubby Tabby Soaps

Bamboo soap dish with good drainage

Our customers ask us all the time, “What kind of soap dish is the best?” Our answer is always the same: drainage, drainage, drainage! This bamboo soap dish has almost as much drainage as it has material, and that’s what we recommend.
Made of lightweight and renewable bamboo wood, this soap dish is just the right size to suspend and drain a bar of soap to keep it as dry as possible. Letting your soap properly dry out between uses is the best way to make your bar soap last as long as possible! This handy dish has huge spaces between the slats to easily drain water off of the soap. Plus, it’s sealed with waterproofing so that it will last a long time, even with the usual wear and tear of wet soap!
We love this dish because it won’t rust, it’s lightweight and it helps extend the life of your bar soap! It measures about 8cm x 11cm x 2.5cm (3.25″ x 4.5″ x 1″) and the crevice on the top helps the soap grip the dish. These soap dishes can also be used for shampoo bars, although the bars will stick out one side because the dish is a little narrow. However, it’ll still do a great job of draining your shampoo bar!
Ottawa Artisans special:
  • Purchase more than $15 of Tubby Tabby Soaps products and get a free Clean Your Butt pack of soap butts.
  • Purchases of more than $50 get a 3 pack of assorted soaps that are either out of season or have minor cosmetic defects.

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