Aromariss Soaps

Shower Steamers - with menthol crystals


Shower steamers are a great way to add aromatherapy to your daily routine.  


Directions:  Place a shower steamer on the bottom of your shower out of the main stream of water.  The steamer will gradually dissolve and release the essential oils for an aromatherapy steam. Do not place in standing water or they will not last. 


Content : 3 Steamers


Ingredients : 

Christmas Forest: Fill your shower with the amazing aromas of the holiday season, just like walking through a Christmas tree farm.

 : Use this Rosemary and Mint steamer to help you focus & concentrate in the morning.


Relax : This Lavender and Lime steamer will help you unwind and relax.


Relief : Turn your shower into a steamy spa experience with our Menthol and Eucalyptus  shower steamer.  

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