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The Natural Turner

"A touch of purple" Candle Holder Sphere Balls

Something a bit different for the decorative candle fans. These two spheres and dome are all done in maple and are sized for tea lights 1.5 inches in diameter. The vision was a display with domed piece as centre piece and complimented by the spheres to left and right. Colouring is three different shades of blue and sealed using top quality oil. 

The diameter/height of each piece is approximately 2 ¾ inches. 

Please note the intent was a décor piece. We strongly recommend that if you are lighting candle that a copper insert be used. (Not available currently due to lockdown restrictions). Also never leave unattended. 

Please note tray is for display purposes only (wife would kick my hide if I sold her stuff)

Please let me know if you require more information/pictures.

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