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The Moonstone Chariot

"Spiritual Strength and Emotional Well-being" - Unique Gift! Crystal Intention in Beautiful hand made Wood Shadow Box 8" x 8"



This pattern can be interpreted in a few different ways however in connecting with this grid, the Maiden, Mother, Crone came to mind.  This is about the power of the divine feminine.  Increasing internal fortitude, emotional strength and wisdom in maturity as well as knowing when to surrender and being at peace with the ebb and flow of life.  It is a connection to earth and the moon.

Frame approximately 8" x 8". 
It is wide enough that it can stand on its own or alternatively it can be hung on the wall.  It must be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid discolouration of the crystals and to prevent inadvertent damage and/or fire from the reflection and amplification of the heat of the sun's rays.


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