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Enchanting Bubble

DIY Dinosaur Busy Box Crafts for Kids

This box contains activities for children including crafts, and sensory kits. All instructions and materials are provided for you :)


This Busy Box includes:

Dinosaur Sensory Set: Filled with colourful rice, tongs, cups and trinkets. Set it up in a shallow container and kids will have fun creating and exploring different textures. 

Dinosaur Moon Sand:Moon Sand is a great way to explore textures and science. You can play with it as is or you can add a tiny amount of oil (cooking oil, baby oil) and it turns into more of a kinetic sand. Let the moon sand dry out and it’s back to moon sand again :)

Dinosaur Soap: Have fun washing your hands knowing that every time you do your dinosaur is that much closer to being out of the soap. Use this dinosaur after in your sensory sets. 

DIY My Pet Dinosaur:Congratulations! Thank you for adopting a dinosaur, I am sure he will be very happy in his new home. Build your own dino tank and give him a place to call home. Add rocks, sand, weeds. Once it’s dry add your water and then add your dinosaur. Don’t forget to fill out your adoption certificate :)

DIY  Dinosaur fossils:Supper easy and fun to make but will need parents' help as it involves an oven portion.

DIY Dinosaur Puppet:includes templates already traced out, paper bag, star and moon confetti to decorate. 

TOTAL of 6 Activities

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