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Felted dryer balls (set)

100% felted wool dryer balls.  Set of 3.

These balls are felted to the core, NOT wound yarn.  This makes them lighter, quieter and more absorbent than wound yarn balls. No loud dryer clunk!  Core wool is locally sourced.


Regular: standard in stock size, approx. 8.25 inch/21cm circumference (tennis ball size)

Large: approx. 9.25in/24cm circumference (good for extra large loads)

Littles (set of 4): these guys turned out a bit smaller than standard but work just as well for regular loads.  approx. 7.5in/19cm circumference

Why dryer balls?

Dryer balls are an eco-friendly option that;

  • do away with chemical laden dryer sheets
  • can last for years before replacing
  • can reduce drying time by at least 25%
  • soften your clothes and reduce static

How do I use them?

Place 3/5 balls (regular/large load) in your dryer with your clothes.  If you normally use a timer, try setting it for about 25% less time.  

Add a couple drops of essential oils to each ball for a custom scent. Mix and match! Scents should last for several loads.

How do they work anyway?

Dryer balls create pockets of space between your clothes, allowing for greater airflow. Better airflow helps speed drying.

Dryer balls are absorbent and while they wick moisture from your clothes, they simultaneously release moisture back into the air.  This balances the humidity in the dryer and helps prevent static from forming. 

I'm still getting lots of static, what do I do?

This is caused from over drying.  Try lessening the length of time you run your dryer. It may take a few tries to find your new (reduced cost!) dry times.

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