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Tubby Tabby Soaps

Lemon Lavender clarifying shampoo

The Lemon Lavender shampoo bar is perfect for travel, zero-waste aspirations and everyday use! Scented with lemon and lavender essential oils, it is both calming and uplifting.

If your hair is on the oilier side, this bar is for you, as it will really clean your hair. Can be used daily and typically replaces about 3 standard bottles of liquid shampoo. Using it once per day, a bar typically lasts around 3 months.

Regularly, we’re asked how much lather our solid shampoo bars create. The answer is LOTS! A few swipes of this bar on your wet hair should be enough to lather up thoroughly. To make sure your bar lasts as long as possible, we recommend letting it dry out between uses. (We simply store ours on a wire rack with lots of drainage!)

New bigger bar size! By popular demand, we’ve made our shampoo bars larger so that they last much longer. While our standard bars used to be 55g, they’re now 90g, meaning they’ll last nearly twice as long!

Lemon Lavender is part of our handmade solid shampoo bar line, which avoids the need for plastic bottles (like with liquid shampoo). These bars are gentle on people and planet. Great for those striving for a zero-waste lifestyle.

Ingredients: sodium lauryl sulfoacetatesodium cocoyl isethionatecocamidopropyl betainesodium lactatehydrolyzed ricelemon & lavender essential oilsDL-panthenol (pro-vitamin B5).

Naughty or Nice Holiday Market Special 


Purchase more that $15 of Tubby Tabby Soaps products and get a free Clean Your Butt pack of soap butts. 

Purchases of more that $50 get a 3 pack of assorted soaps that are either out of season or have minor cosmetic defects. 

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