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Mak'n Masks

Adult/Teen/Child Non-Medical Face Masks: Under the Sea! Free Shipping!

Now all Mak'n Masks face masks ship free to any address in Canada! WOOHOO!

1.  Turtles Turtles Everywhere (New!!)

 I love Turtles, and I love the colour blue. So seeing this fabric I was soon saying "MINE!". Now this mask can be 'YOURS"! Enjoy!

2. Sand Dollah! (On Sale!)

Blue has to be my favorite colour (until I see another colour), so this palette sang to me. Many hues of blue with a pop-in-your-eye of red here and there. You will be walking around with the currency of the sea on your face! How cool is that. Go you, wearing a mask... so responsibilisy. Thank you! and You! and YOU over there! Yer awesome. 

3. Come Sail Away! (On Sale!)

Come sail away! Come sail away with Meeeeee! LOVE this! Summery beachy colours with Sailboats. Nautical much? Ok now I can't get the song from Styx out of my head. Earworm! (really, its a thing, look it up) (This size fits most adults and youths.)

4. Somethin' Fishy! (On Sale!)

Now when was the last time you could say you had a hippo on your face and survived to tell the tale? Like never, right? This mask has the sneaky hippo scouting the fishies among the lily pads but they know something's up. This mask won't make you more stealthy, just more fun to be around. Guaranteed! 

5. Anchor's Away! (On Sale!)

Ahoy Matey! If its the pirate's life for ye, protect yer gob with this fine scarf, or be thrown down into the briny blue to Davey Jones' locker! (translation: this is a nifty mask to protect yourself and your loved ones, and be stylin' at the same time! What are you waiting for?!)

Mask Fun Facts!

All masks are made of 2 pre-washed and preshrunk layers of 100% Cotton with non-latex elastic ear loops make for soft and comfortable mask wearing. These are pleated rectangular face masks. I don’t include a bendable metal nose thingy, sorry!


Yup. You're eyes do not deceive you! **Price includes me popping your mask order into the mail! How easy is that!?**


Any Pattern comes in either Adult, Teen or Child! Just add a note to your order! Get matchy matchy for the whole fam damily! (translation: Get matching face masks for everyone in your family!) Cost is still $12/mask because really, its all about the leet sewing skilz and time it takes to make the mask, more than the cost of the material.

Can you believe it? Now on Social Media!

Check out the shenanigans on Instagram: @makn_masks where we show off our beautiful masks, maybe a few silly meme's or two and maybe toss out a sale or three. Hope to see you there!

Care Instructions:

Treat these like your underwear. Wear once, then launder. Machine Wash Cold, tumble dry low, hot iron to get the creases back. 

Looking for a deal?

Want to order in bulk of 5 or more? Contact me to discuss a discount!

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Mask Pattern or Plain Options

I love to make masks in bright colours and interesting patterns but can also make plain solid coloured masks by request. I also do custom orders and sizes. Contact me to discuss your options!

Lastly, but certainly not in the leastly...

If you do decide to buy one of our masks, or are a returning customer, thank you for shopping small, local and handmade. It means more than ever right now. If you buy one of the other masks on this website, thank you for buying a mask and wearing it. It's appreciated. We're all in this together! Now where is my heart emoji...

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).