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Cranberry Lane Studio - Susan Reiter, Artist

A Hand Painted Fall Meadow Scene of a Hunting Dog by the Water

A beautiful and calming fall scene of a hunting dog perhaps  looking for the bird he’s seeking by the water. Hand painted. 
Measures 16” wide x 20” high x 3/4” deep. 
Sides are painted as per the painting. 
Unframed, but not necessary. To frame, just purchase a stock frame at a place like De Serres....cost will be approximately $60.00 or less. ALWAYS TAKE THE PICTURE WITH YOU TO PURCHASE THE FRAME. That way you may choose the right one, and or have someone assist you. 
The original Decorative  Artist who designed this pattern is unknown. 
Perfect for an office setting or any other room in the home. 
Makes a great gift for Christmas , Fathers Day, or other celebrations. Definitely suited for any dog lover. 
Definitely a conversation piece. 
Suitable for all year , all ages, and all celebrations. 


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