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Natural Treasures

"Aragonite and Lapis Orb"

Aragonite and Lapis Terrarium Orb

*only available for pickup or delivery in Ottawa

 "Hold it 'till the Holidays" option (I will deliver gift wrapped on the 23rd or 24th of December for $5)

air plant is sourced from a local supplier
crystals are ethically sourced by local suppliers and intuitively selected
a portion of each sale goes to Minwaashin Lodge Indigenous Women's Support Centre

What you get:

-crystal description card (includes info on geology, history of use, and metaphysical properties)
-plant care card
-optional giftwrapping (free)
-optional greeting card (free)

Size: Approx. 3" x 3" x 4" (WxLxH)
Add an orb stand for $7.50 or a wood coaster for $5.00, also available in our shop.

Please see crystal descriptions and air plant care below.

Aragonite is always found in deposits formed at low temperatures near the Earth's surface and may be found in caves as stalactites, in sediments, and in iron-ore deposits. It was first discovered in its namesake province of Aragon, Spain. Aragonite is said to aid in communication, including by increasing compassion for others. It is also thought that aragonite is helpful in alleviating stress. Aragonite is associated with the Capricorn zodiac.

Lapis lazuli is a rock composed of many minerals. It is a blue metamorphic rock that derives its blue colour from lazurite and includes veins of gold pyrite. Lapis lazuli has been popular through most of recorded human history. Mining for lapis occurred in the Badakhshan Province of northeastern Afghanistan as early as 7000 BC. The lapis was used to make beads, small jewelry items and small sculptures. Lapis lazuli appears in many Egyptian archaeological sites that date back to about 3000 BC. It was used in many ornamental objects and jewelry. Powdered lapis was used as a cosmetic and a paint pigment. The name lapis lazuli literally means ‘blue stone’ in Latin. Lapis lazuli has always been known as a stone of royalty and spirituality. Lapis is thought to provide a clearer perspective and is believed to aid in creativity. Lapis is associated with the zodiacs of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, and Virgo.

Plant care: the air plant should be removed for watering. It is best to water air plants in the morning. Depending on humidity and the amount of sun it receives, air plants should generally be given a bath/soak once a week for 30 minutes. To do this, submerge your air plant in a container of water. It is preferable to use rain water or melted snow (wait until the melted snow has reached room temperature). Tap water can also be used if left to sit uncovered for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Do not use softened or distilled water. Following the bath, shake the excess water from the air plant and place it upside down to dry for at least 4 hours before replacing it. Air plants with "bulbs" (medusae, pruinosa, xerographica) do not like to have their bulbs soaked or filled with water as they will rot. Do not soak the bulbs; instead, swish the plant except for the bulb in the water twice a week and allow to dry before replacing, following all other general care instructions. Do not water or spray the decorative moss. 

Air plants generally prefer bright but indirect/filtered light. Too much exposure to light will dry out the plant. It is normal for leaves to die periodically on your air plant and they can be removed carefully. If your air plant seems a bit crusty or dry, it may be receiving too much sun and/or not enough water. 

Disclaimer: contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard. No parts are safe for consumption. Clear quartz and other clear crystals must not be placed in direct sunlight as it may refract the light and cause damage, including fire. Metaphysical crystal description is provided for information only; crystal healing is not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine.

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).