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Garden Art - Phoenix Pole

Garden Art - Phoenix Pole

I have created a number of different garden artpole designs to suit a variety of tastes and to assess the local market’s interest check them out on my site. These are one of a kind but I take custom orders to make the same or a new design. It takes about 4weeks for a custom order. Contact me to discuss.


The  Phoenix Pole was created using the Shou Sugi Ban treatment in which the pole was burned with a torch until black and then the surface was wire brushed to highlight the intricate pattern of the woodgrain. This creates a unique effect with the black edges, further accentuated with a transparent red and yellow stain giving the piece an overall orange and back flame effect. This inspired the idea of the Phoenix rising from the flames. The Phoenix, attached to the pole top with copper wire, is made of wood painted in red and black and enhanced with fiery colours on one side and left black on the other. Choose the side you want to feature.



·       Hand cut, painted and finished.

·       Rough White Cedar poles about 40” high and 4” in diameter.

·       Natural splits in the poles add to their charm and do not affect their durability.

·       Acrylic paint protected with three coats of exterior polyurethane.

·       The poles are painted in the round to create a 3600 painting.

·       There is a 3/8” diameter steel rod embedded in the pole with a 12” extension for securely anchoring in the ground.

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).