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Ottawa Wood Works

Extra Large Game Board


Extra Large Game Board 

-Made to order

-Great for camping, social distancing, or just for fun

-Includes the base board listed below and any of the optional items

-all pieces are coated for durability and weather proofing 

-optional upgrades: alternate designs for hex pieces, alternate colours for player pieces, unofficial penalty cards, extended grabbers for moving pieces, extra large building cost cards, multiple polyurethane coatings (added durability if intending for heavy use ie young children or lots of camping), large popsicle sticks for resource cards 

-currently recommend using regular cards for play

- 50% required up front to cover most of material cost. Will work with you via email and provide updates on progress from start to finish

- approximately 4 weeks or so to deliver due to the time required to make.

- willing to discuss cost based on what you would like made

-due to size and weight currently only able to hand deliver or offer pickup in the Ottawa area

- contact me here or email directly at 

- I will be providing a full breakdown of what you get, all the options, any personalized inclusions, and then confirm the order.

Base board:
- 4 x wheat hexes
- 4 x sheep hexes
- 4 x wood hexes
- 3 x ore hexes
- 3 x brick hexes
- 1 x desert hex
- 1 x robber
- 20 x houses (5 each of blue, pink, purple, orange tint)
- 16 x cities (4 each of blue, pink, purple, orange tint)
- 60 x road pieces (15 each of blue, pink, purple, orange tint)
1 x longest road piece
- 1 x largest army piece
- 18 x number inserts
- 4 x 3-1 ports
- 5 x 2-1 ports (each resource)

Optional items:
- building cost cards for each piece set ($50 total)
- penalty cards (longest turn, worst move) ($10 each)
- green pieces (optional choice, no extra charge)
- child’s grip arm toy for moving pieces ($14/ea)
- adult’s grip arm for moving pieces ($30/ea)
- different coloured pieces ($15 each different colour, except green as mentioned)
- different designs (robber, cards, number fonts, hex designs, road/house/city designs) - depends on designs / complexity
- lawn dice (1x dodecahedron or 2x regular, $15 each)
- extra layer of polyurethane for added durability ($15 - regardless, I will have 2 layers applied and provide the brand used so you can apply your own if desired, as well as instructions and long-term care instructions)
- Additional hex pieces or player piece sets (above those mentioned above, to include water hexes) - I haven't worked out the exact cost for these additions since they are so dependant on exactly what each person may want. If you would like more than listed, we can discuss, just let me know what you have in mind
- any other additions / designs / ideas I am open to discuss and work with you

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).