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asymmeTric balance

Chunky Multistrand Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Dream #21    “Happiness” – a chunky, dramatic and versatile multi-strand necklace

Length:  32” /  82 cm
Weight:  6.0 0z / 172 g

Components:  Gemstones (Genuine Turquoise, some Chinese Turquoise- treated to ensure stabilization and enhance colour)*

This necklace has a lot going on, and it all adds up to Spectacular!  
First there are the shapes:  squares, ovals, and cylinders.

Then there are the matrices:  from spots to veins, of differing colors from black to rusty brown.

Then there is the composition:  no symmetry here, but instead a complex visual arrangement that sings out its asymmetrically-achieved balance.
There are two components to the balance:  a string of four large squares that clamour for attention, and three longer strands of geometrically varied shapes.  The asymmetric balance is achieved by finding the sweet spot at which their visual weights balance out each other out without looking lopsided.

The colouring is bright and clear, not muted but bold.  Its 32” “opera” length ensures that it can be worn with both one-piece and layered outfits, working as well with knee-length and midi skirts and dresses as with tunics in combination with pants or skirts.  

It all adds up to a very dramatic necklace that immediately captures attention due to its brilliant colour, complexity of shapes, length, and very cheerful impact.

This necklace can dress up your casual outfits, and transition with ease from your day to evening outfits.

Make a confident and self-assured statement in this bold, exclusive and fascinating necklace, designed and hand-made by me.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

*Chinese Turquoise denotes a sophisticated look-alike for turquoise made from dyed and stabilized howlite, a white stone with veins and markings similar to genuine turquoise.  (This does not negate the fact, however, that there are many genuine and extremely valuable turquoise stones from China.)

---Turquoise, the birthstone for December, is a symbol of good fortune and success.  It is regarded as a love charm, believed by some to be related to feelings of peace and balance.  Turquoise is also  thought to relax the mind, to inspire self-forgiveness and self-acceptance while encouraging the release of pointless regrets.  

---I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact me directly; I aim to answer promptly.

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