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Chunky Topaz and Gold Murano Glass Necklace

"Vienna Sienna #3" – a long light lariat lagenlook Murano glass necklace bursting with the drenched colours of Tuscany in the fall

Length:  lariat loop 28”/71 cm; pendant 5.5”/14 cm long; 1"/ 5cm wide

Weight:  2.6 oz / 73 g

This light sunny modern boho necklace is bursting with the energy and beauty of the Italian countryside in the fall.

It consists of two parts, both made almost entirely of Venetian/Murano glass in shades of gold, pumpkin, copper, sienna and rust:  a long pendant supported by a lariat loup, 28” in circumference.  This composition allows the necklace to slip over the head without need for a clasp, and at the same time it helps to anchor the pendant in the centre of your chest, thus reducing the wild swings of an ordinary long circular necklace.

The pendant consists of 5 large light sparkling twists of coloured Venetian glass encasing 24 kt gold foil in alternating shades of dark and light topaz.  

The lariat loup consists of smaller diamond, sphere, coin or lentil-shaped beads, in shades of topaz, gold and sienna.  These are made of either 24 kt gold or sterling silver foil coated by many coloured and clear transparent glass layers. They are arranged in 5 groupings of 3, which are positioned to create a modern asymmetric “kick” which avoids the predictability of strict symmetry.  

Light, colourful and breezy, this modern boho chic necklace brings the light and life of the Italian sun into your wardrobe, as it glints and glows with your every movement.  It works well with neutrals and most colours, and it can take you with flair from casual, to work, and on to a night out on the town.

Make a sunny and eye-catching entrance in this exclusive Venetian glass necklace, designed and hand-made by me.

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*  This necklace comes nicely wrapped in a gift box. 
*  If you have questions about it, please send me a message.  I aim to answer promptly.

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).