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“Silhouettes” - a Long Chunky Black Lava Lariat Necklace

Length:  29”/76 cm Lariat with 5.5"/14 cm Pendant
Weight:  2.2 oz / 62 g
Components:  lava stone, rubber tubing

This totally black necklace allows us to concentrate on and enjoy the various shapes and textures of lava beads and the proportions of the cord which separates and highlights them.

The textures range from almost solid and polished to rough and crunchy.  The silhouettes are geometric - spheres, discs, cubes and cylinders.

The necklace has two parts:  a lighter "lariat" loop and a more solid pendant. 

The largest three beads - two discs and a cylinder - make up the pendant, so that physically, as well as visually, the necklace sits properly in the middle of the chest.  They are topped by a smaller rough-textured cube somewhat akin to a sugar cube.

Interesting shapes, created by combinations of mostly smaller beads, create quirky ”groupings” which provide an asymmetric, light, airy counterpart to the pendant.  

This necklace slips easily over your head - there is no clasp to struggle with.  

It brings a note of playful drama to complement many of your wardrobe components.  Being black, it can be worn with any colour.  As well, worn with black, it can demonstrate an air of confident sophisticated simplicity.  Its length makes it perfect for jackets and longer tunic or lagenlook tops, as well as midi dresses or pants of any length.  It loves asymmetry.

Make an intriguing and dramatic statement in this long, light, black lava lasso-style necklace, designed and hand-made by me.

---Metaphysical Meaning:  Conceived in the womb of Mother Earth and birthed through fire, lava stone’s metaphysical meaning is twofold. On the one hand, it is believed to offer raw assertive energy and passion, and on the other, practical restraint and balance. This paradox of energies makes it the ideal companion stone for coping with modern-day life's fast-paced competitiveness, while remaining calm and focused.

---If you have any questions, please contact me.  I aim to answer promptly.

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