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Buyer and Seller FAQ

Buyer FAQ

1. I don't see a shipping option as I complete my payment, can the items be shipped to me?

- Ottawa Artisans doesn't handle item shipping. Some vendors offer shipping at a flat rate. Please refer to each of the seller's page to get more information on their shipping or pick-up policy.

 2. Why buy with us?

- By purchasing products from Ottawa Artisans makers, you are directly encouraging people in your community to pursue their craft and passions! Not only are you getting a unique high-quality handmade item but you are promoting the local economy. We know that we cannot completely forgo big-buck stores for necessities but certain purchases deserve the love and thought that is put in each product sold on our platform.

3. Where are the vendors from?

- The large majority of our vendors are from the Ottawa Valley, however, we do have a few who reside further in Ontario or Quebec. We have decided to allow those vendors to participate in the platform under these conditions: 1. They reside in an area where they do not have access to a large market. 2. They can offer drop-off in Ottawa or affordable shipping. 3. They do not directly compete with an Ottawa-area vendor by offering the same product. Each vendor has their location listed in their profile so make sure to check it out if you would rather pick-up your product locally.

Seller FAQ

1. How does it work to sell items on the platform?

- The per sale commission fee is 15%.(Note: On Jan 1st, 2021, the fee will be 15% + HST)

2. Why don't I just go on Etsy or a similar platform, the commission is much smaller!

- Other market places put you in direct competition with sellers from all over the world and only really high volume players get to the first few pages of the search engine. Also, most of those marketplaces, require a fee for each item posted which quickly adds-up for a business with multiple items. Lastly, Ottawa Artisans put you in direct contact with buyers from Ottawa who are interested in supporting local makers.

3. What happens if I don't sell during a month?

- Nothing! You are not charged and your items are still displayed! Ottawa Artisans is proud of providing an accessible environment for hobby makers and small business who couldn't sustain a monthly subscription fee or costly transaction fees.

4. Can I ship my items to the buyers?

- Vendors can add flat-rate shipping to their products or organize local pick-up. Please make sure to write a clear pick-up/shipping policy on your profile to inform buyers or your preferred delivery method. 

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