Goose Easter Egg - Happy Easter Checkerboard

This is a REAL goose egg, hollowed out and design applied with dyes, alcohol inks and acrylic paints.

This egg was obviously inspired by Easter and Easter eggs. I wanted to create a fun decoration for Easter featuring happy Easter colours and diamond shapes.

This egg comes with a plastic egg stand for easy displaying. (The nest is not for sale.)

On this egg I started by applying the alcohol ink by either dabbing, misting or painting the inks onto the shell to create different effects. The alcohol inks interact quite differently than the dyes; whereas the dyes cover uniformly, the alcoholic inks push each other away making interesting patterns.

I preserved the word by heating wax and applying it through a hand-held tool called a kistka that funnels the heated wax to a point. I then use the wax flow to draw the design onto the egg thus preserving the colour that is being covered.

I then etched the egg so that I could submerge it into dye, and again used the wax and kistka to cover up the areas where I wanted to preserve the dye colour. The egg is then submerged into the next dye colour, dried off and the process is repeated. The colours are typically applied from lightest to darkest starting with the natural colour of the egg shell.

Next I melt off the wax using a candle and then finish the egg with acrylic paints to accentuate or highlight areas on the egg as needed.

Once the egg design is complete I spray it with two different varnishes to protect the colours on the egg, give it a nice shiny finish, and provide an extra few layers of protection to the delicate egg shell.

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