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asymmeTric balance

Amethyst 3 Ways: an abundance of amethyst– a bold luscious amethyst gemstone necklace

length:  22”/56cm             weight:  5.75oz/165g

components:  gemstones (amethyst, crystal quartz)


Amethyst occurs in many different shades of purple.  This necklace is composed of a deeply rich and lustrous shade, which loves bright lights and sunshine. 


It consists of 3 different presentations of amethyst, in contrasting sizes, shapes and textures, but unified by virtue of having the same enticing  and entrancing depth of colour.


The 1st:  4 large chunks of raw amethyst, in graduating size, are separated by crystal quartz chips for contrast.  They lay down the basic asymmetric challenge, glinting and shining through their craggy, roughly hand-hewn facets, and hinting at great depths of colour within.


The 2nd:  it takes 3 strands of translucent, polished amethyst chips, separated by miyuki crystal beads, to take up the balance challenge, which they do in an inevitable and satisfying way.


The 3rd:  the strands are gathered together into smooth, polished nuggets, before ascending through spherical polished beads in diminishing size to a silver toggle clasp with an art deco air.


The result:  a complex and bold amethyst statement necklace, which celebrates at the same time the complexities and subtleties of this fascinating gemstone.


Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and made by me.



Please note:  my camera failed, despite many attempts, to capture the light colour of these stones.  They can best be described as shades of lilac or mauve.



***Amethyst is the birthstone for February.  Its attributes are Honesty and Calm.

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