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Mindful Intuitions

Original Art - Build Your Own Feathers

Ever thought how a peacock got its beautiful plumage? According to a lesser known tale, the peacock swallowed some venomous snakes that it encountered on its way before the snakes could bite it. It then started to shake and tremble to cope up with the poison of the snakes and as a result, its dull feathers transformed into glorious beauty.

These magnificent feathers of the peacock reminds us to acknowledge our problems, deal with them in the present and be aware enough to not let them seep into our mind so as to affect our body negatively. Shake it off and let your inner self shine through; glorious and radiant as ever, reflecting peace and harmony. Let the beauty of nature deep into your mind and heart and experience it's healing powers through transformation while practicing mindfulness.

* Original acrylic mixed media painting on Canvas
* Height: 20 inches
* Width: 24 inches
* Depth: 1.5 inches
* Gallery wrapped canvas
* Ready to hang with painted sides and wired back
* Colour protected with Satin Varnish

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

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