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Terradore Art Jewelry: Gemstone Jewelry with Quite a Story to Tell

Blues, green, teal, copper colours in this Chrysocolla Sterling Pendant

Chrysocolla is not easy to work with but this one was worth the effort. From afar this stone is a gorgeous deep teal colour, but when you look at it closely, the greens, blues, coppers of varying depths emerge along with the pattern. Chrysocolla is a favourite stone of gemstone lovers for its colours. The Sterling silver setting and long lacy silver chain accentuates the long teardrop shape of the stone.


Chrysocolla is a combination stone of Azurite, Malachite and possibly Cuprite. It is the copper in these stones that make it green/blue. Wikipedia says It is favored as a stone of prosperity and business astuteness, reacting upon the analytical and intuitive abilities.

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