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Dad Wrap Bracelet


Dad-wrap bracelets are not just for dad's! They're also for granddads! But also awesome for moms and grandmoms! Every bracelet is custom made according to your wishes: cord colour, bracelet size, custom hand metal stamped name beads. Send me a message if you have more questions.

Also now available:  Mom Wrap Bracelets!

The cording is hand-braided polyester cord.  The name beads are hand-stamped on flat aluminum and hand-bent into beads.  The cord ends and magnetic clasp are stainless steel. Starting at $45 for up to 3 name beads.

Cord colour options: black, brown, dark red, greyish blue, greyish green.

Sizing:  Please provide me the size of the wrist, not the final size of the bracelet.  I will take the fitted wrist size and calculate the correct final size with ease.  I normally size these wrap bracelets to 18-19 cm for average size men's wrist (plus ease), and 16 cm for average sized women's wrist (plus ease).  Please notify me if you wish me to size larger or smaller. 

Names on beads:  please provide the names you want stamped on the name beads, one name per bead.  Please be sure to carefully check the spelling and notify me ASAP if you have submitted a typo.

As each one of these wrap-bracelets are custom made to your order specifications, please allow a generous amount of time for completion.  If you have a deadline for your order, please include that information in your order, and I will do my best to complete in time!

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