Ifs, Ands, or Buttons

Dyke Pride Buttons or Magnets


Celebrate your pride and remember its political origins and continued importance. Display it on your coat, bag, fridge, bulletin board or anywhere else you can think to put it!

This set contains:
-Who's streets? Our streets.
-resist fists
-Hey ho, hey ho, dykes are coming they're on the go
-I <3 Dykes
-dyke (foil, shiny)**due to gradients in the rainbow foil, the item may not appear exactly as pictured (aka, might have more yellow, more red, etc)

-----Specs & Physical Details-----

Both variations (buttons or magnets) measure 3.175cm (1.25") in diameter (from edge to edge).The designs are protected by a thin, but resilient mylar layer which makes them water resistant. They can be readily cleaned with a damp cloth as needed. They are not waterproof (though personal experience has shown them to survive an accidental cycle through the washing machine...oops.)The buttons have a metal pinback enclosure. They are durable and good quality.

The magnets have a strong ceramic magnet: they are not just for display, they really work. They can hold up to 6 thick pieces of printer paper! These strong magnets are not glued to the front, instead, they sit in a metal bracket that is machine pressed/crimped onto the front. As the magnet is not glued, some limited movement within the piece is possible - this will not affect use.


Items are packaged in a resealable bag that has an information card as a backing. This card includes information about the cause the items support - making these perfect gifts.

-----Information on the Cause-----

$1.50 from every set sold goes to Ottawa Dyke March.

The Ottawa Dyke March first took place July 10, 2004, in solidarity with other dyke marches around the world. Even though the march has grown and evolved since its inception, it still maintains the same values that inspired Ottawa dykes to take to the street in the first place: namely their opposition to the commercialization of queer culture and the discrimination that affects dykes in our society. We are dedicated to ending all forms of oppression.

You can read more about them at their website: https://www.ottawadykemarch.com/

-----Tips and Tidbits----

If putting a button on a bag for long term use, consider putting a glob of hot glue on the clasp. This will make it even less likely for the button to be lost as the pin won't be able to leave its cradle!

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).