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pillowhead designs

emoticon (emoji) magnets - hand embroidered (set of 6)

These emoticon magnets (or emojis, as young'uns call them) have been one of my most popular items. A great geeky gift, good for brightening up the office or classroom, perfect for your message board.

Hand stitched and assembled, these emoticons are happy :), winky ;), superhappy :D, tonguey :P, kissy :* and apathetic :|. None of these new fangled emoji or gifs for me; I prefer them old school!


The details:
* 100% hand-embroidered, hand cut, hand stitched
* framed with eco-felt made from recycled pop bottles
* strong neodymium magnet sandwiched in between layers of batting and felt
* measure 1.5” or 4cm square

NOTE: Coin magnets are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

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