Ifs, Ands, or Buttons

Femme & fiere! Collection des macarons ou des aimants


Une collection pour les féministes et leurs sympathisants ! Cinq macarons (ou aimants) pour exprimer vos opinions.

1,50 $ du prix va au Planned Parenthood Ottawa.

The perfect way to make a statement, celebrate femininity, support choice and resist misogyny: these items not only show support, they benefit Planned Parenthood. Wear them to a Women's March or day to day to show your support and that you're a proud feminist.

*Femmes du monde unissons-nous
*nous tous avec elles toutes
*ne me libère pas, je m'en charge
*NON mecspliquer
*femme & fière


Les macarons et les aimants mesurent 3,175 cm (1,25 pouce) en diamètre.

Les motifs sont protégés par une pellicule mince de mylar pour les rendre résistants à l’eau. Ils peuvent être nettoyés avec une guenille mouillée.

Les macarons ont une épingle en métal. Ils sont solides et de bonne qualité.

Les aimants sont faits avec des aimants de céramique très forts. Ils ne sont pas seulement beaux – ils sont vraiment efficaces ! Les aimants sont pressés à la machine – ils ne sont pas collés au motif.

C’est normal de voir un peu de mouvement à l’intérieur. Cela ne nuit pas à la fonction.


Les objets sont emballés dans un sac de plastique refermable avec une carte d’information.

Si vous voulez mettre un macaron sur un sac à l’épreuve, mettre un petit globule de colle dans l’épingle avec un pistolet à colle.


-----Specs & Physical Details-----

Both variations (buttons or magnets) measure 3.175cm (1.25") in diameter (from edge to edge).

The designs are protected by a thin, but resilient mylar layer which makes them water resistant. They can be readily cleaned with a damp cloth as needed. They are not waterproof (though personal experience has shown them to survive an accidental cycle through the washing machine...oops.)The buttons have a metal pinback enclosure. They are durable and good quality.

The magnets have a strong ceramic magnet: they are not just for display, they really work. They can hold up to 6 thick pieces of printer paper! These strong magnets are not glued to the front, instead, they set in a metal bracket that is machine pressed/crimped onto the front. As the magnet is not glued, some limited movement within the piece is possible - this will not affect use.

All sets are packaged in a resealable bag attached to a card that has shop information as well as information about the charity or cause that is benefiting from the sale.


Items are packaged in a resealable bag that has an information card as a backing. This card includes information about the cause the items support - making these perfect gifts.

-----Information on the Cause-----

$1.50 from every set sold goes to Planned Parenthood Ottawa. They're an essential and invaluable service that provides a range of services and information for people to make healthy decisions about their health, bodies and relationships. Education, counselling, information, and referral services are provided in a safe environment, free of judgment.You can read more about them at their website: https://ppottawa.ca/

-----Tips and Tidbits----

If putting a button on a bag for long term use, consider putting a glob of hot glue on the clasp. This will make it even less likely for the button to be lost as the pin won't be able to leave its cradle!

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).