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Blazing Bees Firestarters


Blazing Bees fire starters are just what you need to kick-start your fire - whether you are an amateur or seasoned survivalist!  No more wasted time and effort spent trying to light your woodstove, campfire, or fireplace!  No more blowing and stuffing with paper and cardboard to get the fire going!  Works when fire conditions are damp and less than optimal.  This is a candle on steroids!  Cupcake-sized and filled with clean hardwood pellets, a beeswax-infused jute wick, and 1/2oz of pure beeswax, this is the most eco and natural firestarter product anywhere!   Just light the wick, place it under kindling and a few logs, and walk away – your fire will soon be roaring! Tried, tested, and true in Canada’s most northern wilderness! 
Package of 10.

Bulk orders available.

Accessories not included.

Free shipping, delivery, & pickup in Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Order 4 or more Blazing Bees product, candles, (or candle-sets) and receive 10 free tealights as our thanks for supporting our small, cottage business. 

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