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Foaming Sugar Body Scrub "Pumpkin Pie "


Foaming Sugar Body Scrub "Pumpkin Pie "

Bathing and showering on a regular basis is necessary to combat the daily accumulations of dirt, dust, and sweat on our bodies.

External pollutants exist as well; internal ones include dead cells, sebum, and toxins produced by the body.

Bathing and showering on a regular basis does not solve the problem since it provides no assistance in cleaning clogged pores.

Is there a cure?

Yes, there is one.

Benefits of the "Pumpkin Pie "  Body Scrub :

  • Cleaning - solid particles perfectly exfoliate dead cells, they also cleanse the pores from external impurities;
  • Revitalizing - after the scrub has dealt with all impurities, skin cells can freely receive the oxygen necessary for vital activity;
  • Nourishing - oils that are present in the scrub soften the skin and soothe it after active mechanical cleansing;
  • Toning - peeling improves blood circulation throughout the body, thus providing a tonic effect on the body;
  • Lifting - body scrub helps to achieve a lifting effect and make the skin younger and more attractive.



  1. Cane Sugar   – which makes natural, gentle abrasive agent;
  2. Foaming bath butter;
  3. sweet almond oil - vitamins A, E, B, antioxidant complex, phytosterols  ( anti-inflammatory effect);
  4. Vegetable glycerin - as a moisturizer, absolutely related to our skin;
  5.   Pumpkin  powder ,- natural dyes for my scrub (  yellow colour  );
  6. Natural fragrance oil  Caramel & Cinnamon& Spice Pumpkin  gives your body a subtle, delicate aroma.


Scrubs must be applied to wet skin with massage motions, while the sugar particles gradually get smaller and softer for your skin. After application, the skin becomes soft and velvety, and there is no oily film left.


In order not to fall behind of the expiration date (6 months for body scrubs),avoid getting water inside the jar with the product (use a dry spoon). Store the product in a dry, cool place.

1 jar -170 g

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