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Good Morning Diffuser Oil Blend


Good morning! It’s time to rise and shine. Adding this essential oil blend to our stone diffuser or stone pot (coming soon) will give you that extra oomph while you get ready to seize the day!

The cheerful and uplifting aromas of Tangerine and Rosemary, combined with the revitalizing and cleansing scents of Lemongrass and Cardamom will help you get happily along with your day.

This essential oil blend has been developed specifically for our stone diffuser and our stone pots (coming soon).

How to use:

For use with an ultrasonic diffuser:

Remove stone cover and plastic cap. Fill water reservoir to fill line. Add about 25 drops to our stone diffuser. Put plastic cap and cover back on, and select settings.


Add a few drops into your bath.

Apply 1-2 drops on pulse points to wear as a perfume.

You can also add drops to a ceramic tea light diffuser, scentball, or car diffuser.

Add 20 drops to a bowl of steaming water and enjoy the aroma that surrounds you.

Bottle: 0.3 oz | 10 ml

Ingredients: Tangerine, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Cardamom 100% natural essential oils, Germall Plus. (Germall Plus is a paraben free preservative that is highly effective against bacteria, yeasts, molds and commonly found organisms. It has a safe toxicology profile and has been evaluated as safe for both rinse-off and leave-on formulations.)

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