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Halloween Costume Earrings | Polymer Clay | Resin | Bats | Skeleton | Skulls | Stripped Heart | Spiderweb | Spider | Coffin


These bewitching Halloween Resin Earrings are not just a stylish accessory, but they are also the perfect addition to any Halloween store or costume shop. With their intricate designs and attention to detail, they are sure to captivate the attention of Halloween enthusiasts looking for that finishing touch to their costumes.

What makes these earrings even more special is their ability to transform a simple outfit into a complete Halloween ensemble. With just a pair of our Halloween Resin Earrings, you can easily create a quick and effortless Halloween costume. Whether you're a last-minute partygoer or prefer a low-key approach to dressing up, these earrings allow you to embrace the Halloween spirit with minimal effort. Pair them with a black dress, a witch's hat, or a vampire cape, and you're instantly transformed into a Halloween icon.

Not only are these earrings a versatile and convenient costume accessory, but they also offer endless possibilities for creativity. Mix and match different designs to create a custom look that reflects your personal style and Halloween aesthetic. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with various combinations to create a truly unique and memorable Halloween ensemble.

Get ready to become the center of attention at Halloween parties, trick-or-treating adventures, or haunted house visits with our extraordinary Halloween Resin Earrings. Embrace the ease and versatility of these enchanting accessories, and let your ears be the ultimate expression of your Halloween spirit. Grab your pair today and unlock the door to a world of Halloween fashion possibilities!

➡ Perfect at the finishing touch to your Halloween costume
➡ Unique and one-of-a-kind Design
➡ Easy Halloween Costume

➡ Resin
➡ Polymer Clay
➡ Metal

Skeleton Resin Earrings
📏 Width: 10 mm
📏 Drop Length: 55 mm
Colours: Purple, Transparent/Clear, Silver

Smoky Gothic Coffin Resin Earrings
📏 Width: 30 mm
📏 Drop Length: 60 mm
Colours: Black, Silver

Sparkly Gothic Coffin Resin Earrings
📏 Width: 30 mm
📏 Drop Length: 60 mm
Colours: Glitter, Black, Silver

Spider Resin Earrings
📏 Width: 10 mm
📏 Drop Length: 55 mm
Colours: Black, Orange, Silver

Black and White Stripped Heart Polymer Clay Earrings
📏 Width: 25 mm
📏 Drop Length: 35 mm
Colours: Black, White, Silver, Green (slime)

White Skull Resin Earrings
📏 Width: 30 mm
📏 Drop Length: 50 mm
Colours: White, Silver

Black and White Stripped Polymer Clay Earrings
📏 Width: 22 mm
📏 Drop Length: 50 mm
Colours: Black, White, Green (slime), Silver

Black Bat Resin Earrings
📏 Width: 20 mm
📏 Drop Length: 50 mm
Colours: Glitter, Black, Silver

Black Hexagon Polymer Clay Earrings with Spiderweb Silver Charm
📏 Width: 33 mm
📏 Drop Length: 50 mm
Colours: Black, Silver

Black Spiderweb Resin Earrings with Spider Charm
📏 Width: 35 mm
📏 Drop Length: 70 mm
Colours: Glitter, Black, White, Silver

❤ Each pair of our BIFFY earrings are individually handcrafted with time and care.
👍 All BIFFY Earrings are made-to-order!

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