The Moonstone Chariot

Crystal Grid Templates for Manifestation or Crystal healing.

Creating your personal crystal grid is an amazing way of working with the universe to create the life you want to have.  Use crystals you have, choose them by intuition or even collect the ones that speak to you from nature.  Set your intention and place it in the center of the grid with a crystal on top.  From there you can add whatever crystals you want in a symmetrical pattern around the center.  Make sure to keep your intention in mind at all times and then once the grid is complete, activate it by touching each stone and going back to center.  Then just leave it alone and don't move any of the crystals or you'll have to start from the beginning again.  There are some grids that have the chakra points and there you are simply setting your intention for healing or balance and placing the appropriate (intuitively) crystals on each point.  Same as above, leave it alone to work.  You may want to reactivate every 2 weeks or so.

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