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Lavender & Patchouli Calming Body Oil

Relieve the tension in your body with the Lavender & Patchouli Calming Body Oil!

Just like the butter, this lightweight oil is formulated to calm the senses and ease anxious feelings - but this time we've added Geranium!

With Geranium's sweet aroma, infused with the rose petals, it amplifies the calming effect and may reduce feelings of stress, sadness, and fatigue while it enhances concentration, cognitive function, and stabilizing mood.

Plus, it'll leave you smelling like a bed of roses!

In addition, this roll-on is formulated with oils, such as Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil which may reduce discomfort related to PMS (Post-Menstrual Syndrome) and menopausal symptoms. Evening Primrose Oil has been reported to ease breast tenderness, irritability, and bloating from fluid retention. In clinical research and anecdotal information, Borage Oil may relieve breast tenderness (due to its anti-inflammatory properties), as well as fluctuating mood and hot flashes. Apply roll-on to chest and abdomen for this effect.


Uses: It can be used AM and PM. Can be used for calming effects, menstrual relief, or a natural perfume. This roll-on can be applied behind ears, neck, chest, wrists, etc.

Size: 10ml


Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil*, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*, Rose Petals*.


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