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asymmeTric balance

Nature’s Yin and Yang: raw amethyst and crystal quartz chunks


length:  18”/46.5 cm               weight:  5.5 oz/155 g

components:  amethyst, crystal quartz


This distinctive piece of wearable art explores and celebrates the yin-yang relationship between two forms of quartz - dazzling white crystalline quartz in its purest form and the stunning purple depths of amethyst


Both the amethyst and crystal quartz chunks are hand-hewn and craggy.  Both were shaped by the crystal facets that were split as they were chipped out of the quarries. 


Each bead is completely original in shape, size and colour.  Each reveals the magnificence of the mysteries of the crystalline depths within, and hints of fissures not yet split.


To create asymmetric tension, a beautiful amethyst chunk with chevron markings is highlighted between two glacial crystal quartz chunks that evoke ice bergs.


To counter this dominating statement, the rest of the necklace is composed of amethyst, its mass and length creating a visual balance that unites in a yin-yang equilibrium.


Both sides end in polished amethyst beads, which are brought together by a bold chrome toggle clasp.


Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and made by me.



***Amethyst is the birthstone for February.  Its attributes are Honesty and Calm.

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