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Starbright Curios

Needle Felted Mushroom Pincushion and Sewing Kit in a Nova Scotia Tartan Pattern China Tea Cup


This lovely and functional mushroom pincushion is also a sewing kit.  Lift the top and inside you will find all the supplies to make emergency repairs or do small sewing tasks.  It contains a selection of threads, needles, straight pins, safety pins, buttons, needle threader and more.  

The pincushion and mushrooms are needle felted from 100% virgin wool.  The pincushion sits in a vintage Royal Albert china tea cup in the Nova Scotia Tartan pattern, trimmed in 14 karat gold.  The teacup has been securely glued to the saucer for stability.  It stands 14 cm and the saucer is 15 cm across.

Perfect for students, seniors or anyone with limited space for a larger sewing kit.  It also makes an adorable decoration!  Great gift for quilters or sewers.

Needle felting is the art of creating three-dimensional objects from wool fibres using a special felting needle.  Wool fibres have tiny scales which will lock together when agitated with hot soapy water or in this case, with a felting needle.  The felting needles have tiny barbs going in one direction.  When the needle is stabbed into carded wool fibres (unspun wool), the barbs catch the wool fibres and force them together and inwards, but not back out again.  This action repeated over and over, causes the wool fibers to matt together into a solid fabric or a sculpture.   This is slow work, but very meditative, relaxing, and fun! 

Wool is an eco-friendly renewable resource. The sheep thank you for enjoying a product that begins with them.

Handmade with Joy by Wendy and Janet!

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