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asymmeTric balance

Northern Lights - an elegant labradorite and pearl asymmetric statement necklace

length:  22.5”/57 cm.   weight:  4.4 oz/125 g


components:   semi-precious gemstones (labradorite/spectrolite) and freshwater (mother of pearl) pearls.


The design of this necklace is simple and classic:  a single strand of large beautiful faceted labradorite stones, counter-balanced with six pearls of a matching size.


Labradorite is subtly brilliant.  In general, the stones are an overall grey or greenish colour, and they appear translucent and sometimes almost transparent in certain lights.  


Against this backdrop, however, some stones are endowed with a special feature:  an iridescent “flash” or optical effect that is visible as the angle of view changes.  This feature is known as “labradorescence”. 


Stones exhibiting a high degree of labradorescense are called spectrolite.  This strand of beads is of very top level spectrolite:   every single stone exhibits labradorescense, and together they flash in the colours of the northern lights. 


The gentle moon-like lustre of the six large pearls provides a feeling of space and harmony as a foil to the brilliance of the spectrolites. 


A simple chrome clasp with a spiral design completes this elegant asymmetric statement necklace.


Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and made by me.

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