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“Ocean Jasper - Nature’s Rare Masterpiece” - a vibrant and chunky asymmetric designer statement necklace

Length:  21”53 cm
Weight:  3.8 oz/106 g

Components:  Gemstones (Ocean Jasper, Russian Amazonite), silver plated beads and clasp

Feast your eyes on this beautiful and rare necklace, composed of faceted chunks of Ocean Jasper and Russian Amazonite.

Ocean Jasper was discovered in 1997 on the island of Madagascar, the only known source in the world.  Ocean Jasper is a trade name which reflects its source along the coastline, in a small cleft at the bottom of a cliff near Maravato, reachable only at low tide by boat.  Miners have since exhausted its supply and in 2006 it was declared “mined out”.  What is on the market now is all there will ever be. 

It is a member of the quartz family, with colourful bands and swirls indicating the chemical deposits in the mother rock, and in this necklace it has been paired with two beads of Russian Amazonite, which pick up the ocean’s  turquoise and green tones found in many of the stones.

The chunky beads are faceted and graduated in size, with the two Amazonite focal beads set at a point of asymmetric equilibrium.  Silver plated beads and a toggle clasp complete the contemporary design.

This is a dramatic and colourful necklace, which uplifts your spirits just by looking at it.  It will add some verve and life to anything you may pair it with, from casual clothes all the way through to cocktail wear.  It is a conversation piece, and show stopper!

Make a confident and unforgettable statement in this exclusive necklace, designed and hand-made by me.
*  Ocean Jasper is considered to be an excellent healing stone, that releases negative feelings and encourages feelings of joy, happiness and optimism.  
*  This necklace comes nicely wrapped in a gift box.
*  If you have questions about this necklace, please send me a message.  I aim to respond promptly.

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