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ManSoap Company

Oil Slick – (Mechanic’s Hand Soap)

An all natural mechanic’s style cold process bastille soap.

Oil Slick deep cleans and removes dirt and grease from the a hard workers hands. Volcanic pumice gives it a heavy exfoliating nature and activated charcoal its dark grey colour, with anti-toxin benefits. Oil Slick has an invigorating scent featuring sweet orange and lime essential oils.

Our All Natural Bastille soap is hand made in small batches.  Bastille based soaps are very gentle.  They allow you to remove dirt and grim from the skin, yet help to ensure your natural oils stay.  This is an exceptional body soap suitable for all skin types.

Bastille based soaps contain at least 70% Olive Oil.  We use nothing but food grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our soaps.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Castor Oil
Palm Oil
Fine Volcanic Pumice
Activated Charcoal

Signature blend of essential oils. No fragrance oils ever. 100% natural.

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