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asymmeTric balance

"Over the Moon" - a Rare Blue Moon Kyanite Asymmetric Necklace Extravaganza


Length:  25”/64cm                Weight:  6.5oz/184g

Components: gemstone (blue moon kyanite), pewter


Blue moon kyanite is a soft and nuanced blue, with depth of colour ranging from deep blue to a subtle lived-in denim blue.  The colour of this necklace is hard to pin down, as it spans the whole range depending on the lighting and background. 


Kyanite beads are carved from elongated crystals, and have silvery shimmers and undertones of ice. 

Blue moon kyanite is exotic and not frequently found in gemstone jewelry.  This explains its name.  A chunky necklace composed of an abundance of these beads is found...... only once in a blue moon! 


Five large faceted kyanite beads, descend down the “statement” side of the necklace, in gradients from navy blue to a soft sky blue.  They are separated and highlighted by large pewter beads shaped like double pyramids which give it a touch of art deco.


Bursting from the sky blue kyanite bead are three strands of kyanite bead of different shapes:  thin heishi rounds, coins, and chips.


An unusual art deco clasp mirrors the details of the pewter beads, bringing asymmetric balance and satisfaction to this arresting, but at the same time, restful, necklace.


You will feel very special and "Over The Moon" wearing this elegant necklace.  Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and made by me.

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