Painting by Paul Joseph Laberge


"The Watcher in the Wood"

Acrylic paints on canvas, 30" wide X 36" long, two coats of polymer gel over the paints for isolation, and two coats of varnish (with UVLS: Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) as a final finish for long range preservation (considered museum quality conservation).

          Out canoeing one day on the Rideau River, upstream from the Village of Merrickville, and I came across this venue of 30-40 cedar stumps sticking up out of the water, in different stages of decomposition. Obviously, the cedars had not grown in the water, but had been logged at some point, and then erosion had done its work, and the river had enlarged its banks.

          I thought I would use this unusual venue in a painting; the leopard frog came later as I'm painting, and remembering a film or book title: "The Watcher in the Woods". Putting prince charming in the wood so to speak seemed the normal thing to do... This painting was entered into a juried art show a couple of years back, but was refused because "it was too strange and weird". Judging from the other paintings there, I couldn't see it; never can understand the mind of curators and the like. Anyway there it is: for $695.00 you can take away a beautiful painting that was judged unacceptable!

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