Painting by Paul Joseph Laberge


"The Birches will Rejoice in the time of Flowering"

Acrylic paints on canvas, 24" wide X 30" long, two coats of polymer gel over the paints for isolation, and two coats of varnish (with UVLS: Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) as a final finish for long range preservation (considered museum quality conservation).

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in Eastern Ontario, is a beaver lodge with a background of birches, on the shore of a quiet lake and busy little beavers running around like demented construction engineers on a rampage...

          Except by now the water level has probably risen by a couple of feet and most of the trees have been harvested to build a dam somewhere else on the lake; so consider this painting "historical" because it doesn't look like this anymore except in my memory.

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