Painting by Paul Joseph Laberge


"Water of Life (Clair comme de l'eau de roches)"

Acrylic paints on canvas, 30" wide X 30" long, two coats of polymer gel over the paints for isolation, and two coats of varnish (with UVLS: Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) as a final finish for long range preservation (considered museum quality conservation).

          My son Nat took the photograph while he was on his way to Vancouver looking for Summer work... Driving through Northern Ontario, running on fumes and almost out of fuel on the Trans-Canada Highway, he stopped at this old gas station / general store that would open up in the early morning; he went for a walk to limber up and came upon this creek near the Hamlet of Terrace Bay, on the shores of Lake Superior... The middle of nowhere; he sent me this photograph and I made a painting from it...

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