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asymmeTric balance

Polar Opposites - black tourmaline and snowflake quartz asymmetric semiprecious gemstone statement necklace


length:  23”/58.5 cm.     weight:  9.1 oz/258 g


components:  semiprecious gemstones (black tourmaline, crackled snowflake quartz)


This is a very bold necklace.  Its stones are a study in extreme contrasts.


Take shape:  round snowflake quartz spheres vs. organic shards of prismatic crystalline tourmaline.


Take texture:  ultrasmooth sumptuous matte crackled snowflake quartz spheres vs. craggy prismatic tourmaline crystals with jagged ends.


Take colour:  icy silvery white vs. deepest darkest opaque inky black.


Take design:  three large crackled snowflake quartz beads easily balance out  37 crystalline shards of tourmaline with strategic asymmetric placing. 


A running line of small silver squares beads stack up at the ends of the strand to anchor a shiny chrome lobster claw clasp.


The theme of this necklace can be summed up in only three words:  OPPOSITES ATTRACT ATTENTION!


Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and made by me.

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