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Claudia´s Bath Essentials

Scented candle with container

The soy candles are available in different scents with containers. The container of the 4oz candles can vary.

**Attention** Shipping normally in 3-5 business days. If this time changes we will notify you and update the listing.
To prevent fire and serious injury:
Always trim wick to 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) before lighting and keep debris out of wax pool. Never burn longer than 4-hour intervals. Set candle on heat-resistant surface and avoid drafts. Always burn within sight and extinguish before leaving room. Don't burn near things that catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Don´t extinguish with water. Always let wax harden before relighting, touching or moving.

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).