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Lavender Boutique Farm

Scotch Pine soap bar

Scotch Pine Essential Oil is produced by steam distilling the needles of Pinus sylvestris, a tall coniferous tree and possesses a crisp, fresh pine aroma.  This essential oil is known for its antimicrobial, antiseptic, a mild antiviral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal and deodorant properties.  The analgesic properties of scotch pine essential oil make it an ideal oil to use to reduce muscle and joint pain, especially for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce swelling and inflammation.  A good bar of soap to have on hand.

A note from Ottawa Artisans: Please note that the vendor will contact you directly after payment to discuss your choice of local pick-up/drop-off or shipping (not included unless specified).