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Kristin Fardy Artist

Set of 4 LGBTQ+ art postcard prints - "My Name In Lights"


This set of 4 art postcard prints are reproductions of my original acrylic paintings taken from a high quality professional fine art scans. The postcards measure 5.5x4" in a premium matte finish with colours that pop. Send these cards to a friend or display them on your wall, workspace, or fridge.

The information about the paintings is found on the back of each postcard. The postcards are packaged in an eco-friendly compostable clear sleeve. 

The series My Name In Lights represents how queer women* have been referred to, often without our knowledge or consent. Some of the words have been used in hatred, like the angry man who spits “dyke” at a woman in a tie, and sometimes in well-intentioned ignorance, like the mother who takes an apologetic tone when she says about her daughter, “oh she’s just a tomboy”. Queer women have had varying reactions to these labels - sometimes we reclaim them as a badge of honour, and sometimes we are crushed beneath their weight. The series is intended to make room for both discomfort and celebration.

* I identify as a queer genderqueer woman and the series is painted from that point of view. However, if it appeals to folks in the broader LGBTQ2IA+ community who don't identify with the label "queer women", that's room for even more celebration in my book! 

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