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asymmeTric balance

"River of Moonlight" - a silvery grey mother of pearl statement necklace

Length:  26.5”/67 cm.  weight:  6 oz/171 g

Components:  silvery-grey mother of pearl beads

This necklace moves seductively, like a river of moonlight.

It consists of three shapes of silvery-grey mother of pearl beads.  Their sheen of pearly nacre hints of rainbows, and highlights the subtle contours of the beads.

Four strands of organically-triangular albacore beads catch the light as they tumble elegantly from a column of rectangular shell beads, each one a work of art on its own.  The riot of light is brought together at the other shoulder by a diamond-shaped mother of pearl bead.  

It is an elegant statement necklace, a study in asymmetric harmony achieved by the contrast between the orderly progression of the large rectangular beads down one side of the necklace, and the organically silken flow of four strands of small matching  albacore beads down the other.  Their point of confluence marks the inevitably perfect point of asymmetric balance.

This necklace is very versatile, and can be dressed up or down - from everyday informal, through the office, to 'smart-casual' evening wear. 

It is not for everyone, as it delivers a clear indication of your confidence in declaring your own uninhibited sense of style and appreciation of the unusual, the sensual, the unique.

 Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and hand-made by me.


* Pearl is the Birthstone for June.  Its modern attributes include confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and joy.  It is said to make the wearer more connected to their creativity, and to contribute to a happy love-life.

* All the freshwater That is how nature made them, and it is a part of their personality.  

* This necklace comes nicely wrapped in a gift box.

*If you have questions about this necklace, please send me a message.  I aim to answer promptly.

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