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asymmeTric balance

Size is Important:   a truly big, bold (yet sophisticated and tasteful) tagua nut asymmetric statement necklace

length:  24”/61 cm              weight:  5.2 oz/ 150 g


components:  tagua nuts (vegetable ivory), wood, ceramic


This is the time when big is truly better.   


The stars of this necklace are made from tagua nuts,  which are also known as vegetable ivory.  This nut, from a species of palm tree, has served as a stand-in for ivory for more than 150 years.  The material itself is lustrous and hard, and harvesting it has no negative influence on the tree itself. 


It flourishes mainly in South America, where dyeing and repurposing the nuts is an artisanal industry.


The colour combination of the necklace is sophisticated:  a true teal blue, a bright turquoise, a creamy rich charcoal grey, a navy blue, and black. 


Very large grey beads separated by turquoise rondelles and highlighted by tiny silver spacer beads constitute the major necklace statement.  At the base of the last grey bead - which is the point of asymmetric balance -  3 strands emerge.  The teal beads pick up where the grey left off, with turquoise and silver beads interspersed, and navy and black wooden strands step up to harmonize.   


All 3 are then picked up together through 2 small teal tagua beads.  The circle is completed by a large chrome toggle clasp, befitting the scale of this great statement necklace.


It’s great for dressing up or down, but maybe not suitable for a ball hosted by the Queen!


Make a statement with this distinctive and exclusive piece of wearable art, designed and made by me.


**  All components of this  are genuine and natural, therefore unique in shape, colour and texture.  That is how nature made them,and it is a part of their personality.  Please review the photo gallery for the condition of these items.

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