The Natural Turner

Textured Natural Walnut


Can you keep a secret?

Apparently by virtue of putting items in the Lee Valley shopping cart and leaving computer on webpage is an awesome method of receiving Christmas gift from family for a much desired tool!!

After creating some very interesting looking fire wood in the last month while practicing with new tool, we decided to try our new texturing tool out on a real nice selection on Walnut wood. Given the cost of Walnut, I was quite apprehensive but very pleased with results.

This bowl has been finished will multiple coats of food safe oil that with simple maintenance 1 to 2 times a year will see this piece last for generations.

The diameter of the bowl is approximately 9.25 inches and stands at a height of 3.25 inches and weighs in at 1lb 4oz.

Please let me know if you require more information/pictures.

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